Why Special Editions?
by Jim Davis
When I first got FinditonFB working, I was amazed at all I found searching Facebook. But it wasn't until the day I was eating a late breakfast at the nearby "Crossroads Cafe" and happened to notice that "Ellen" was on TV. They never have the sound on, but I could tell that Ellen was AGAIN in the process of recognizing some deserving person and doing something incredibly nice for them.

I decided to try to do something nice for Ellen and her viewers, too.
I just wasn't sure what to do.

That was the beginning of the "ellen edition." And that changed the whole website.

The "Tyra edition" came about shortly afterward due to another "epiphany." I was reading a magazine in the waiting room of my auto mechanic while he was changing my car's oil. You'll see a link "MONEY TALKS TO TYRA" when you go to the special TYRA edition. Take a look.