Click a search result and you will go to the Facebook page, video, post, etc. What happens exactly may depend on whether you are using your phone or a laptop. You will probably get a "notice" that you need to "sign in" or "open an account," but below that, you should see "Not Now," or something similar. Just click it. (In case you're wondering why this seems "iffy" it's because Facebook likes to change little things without telling us. It's usually fairly easy to figure out, though.)

The most you'll get from this point on is an occasional request asking you to set up an account. (Bottom line, Facebook is not going to kick you out.) However . . .

JUST REMEMBER, you will only be able to "look." You won't be able to comment. Or  "Like," or any of the other things "members" can do. But you can watch the videos, read the posts, and look at the photos.